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Hey I'm Letícia - 20 - Brazilian

Welcome to my fandomblog.
It's mostly Hunger Games, but I love Harry Potter, Orange is New Black, True Blood, The Walking Dead, Lost, Bates Motel, Funny Stuff and lots of other things :)

The first night he truly heard the screams, Katniss’ son was only five years old. Since that moment, he realised something was happening in his house, something he didn’t know. So, being as curious and brave as he was, he discovered the truth. His mother had terrifying nightmares about something she called “The Games”, and the only one who was able to calm her was her father. But one night, when Peeta was away, Katniss woke up in absolute darkness, screaming and sweating. Suddenly, she felt a tiny body climbing to the bed, and Katniss awaited the attack of the mutt. But, instead, the only thing she heard was a sweet voice whispering “Don’t worry mommy, I’m here with you, we’re safe and sound. Because that’s what we do right? We protect each other.” 
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