get to know me meme [2/5] favorite female characters: Johanna Mason

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peetaamellrk asked: Haha Letícia your "15 quotes" are trending ;)


peetasbunmyoven asked: These quote edits are making my week. Thank you sweetie you are so incredible at what you do. <3

your messages sometimes it leaves me genuinely speechless…srsly

Anonymous asked: Love,love,love to you and your perfect fantastic blog.♡ spent like 3 hours here.

omg 3hours!? thnks <3 


thg fandom´s gifing team waiting for the HQ version of Mj pt 1 trailer


silvrliningz asked: YOUR BLOG IS PERFECT!!! OMG

I’m so glad you appreciate my blog Kareen ;) 

Anonymous asked: Hi! :) I love your blog but it's just me or the ''15 favourite quotes that didn't make into movies'' aren't 15? I love them some much but i can't find more than six... Is that normal..? sorry for my ignorance... you make awsome posts... Bye :*

thank you anon <3 
Just relax, i’ll be posting more  ;) 

always-everlark asked: Hi, I'm Marina! I just want to say that I love your "15 quotes that didn't make it into the movie" and your blog :D

Thank you so much Marina, i’m glad you like it ;)